Involved Parents

Artwork created for an email marketing campaign for St. Philip’s Academy in Frisco, Texas. 

Typefaces used: Pacifico, PoplarRobotoRokkitt, Oleo Script

“Without a doubt, the greatest indicator of student success in school is parent involvement. Many parents know that it is important to help their children with homework and curriculum-related activities, yet there are many other ways that parents can become involved that make a big difference  – to students, parents, and the school community as a whole." 

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Roof Dog Run

The annual Roof Dog Run is one of my favorite and most exhausting projects. The proceeds benefitted some great kids at a children’s home in Arequipa, Peru. The mascot was modeled after my blond terrier, Truman. On a small budget, our team accomplished a great deal–website, social media, apparel, kids’ tattoos, directional signage, banners, video, posters, digital displays and more.

Teach & Urge

This concept is for a sermon series for fall 2013. The background image is by stock photographer, somadjinn (Nicolas Raymond). The title is a reference from the Bible – 1 Timothy 6:2-10, ESV. The Apostle Paul is challenging the young leader Timothy to stay on course and avoid deviations. To convey this, the one-point perspective of the path and sky move the eye toward a destination straight ahead. This focus is accentuated with a vignette to mimic seeing the scene through someone else’s eyes with tunnel-vision toward the goal. 

Stock image: